We have developed an affordable & appropriate fab lab kit for educational activities, creativity and much more.

It's called the fabkit...

Here's a recent version of the fabkit equipment specifications as well as essential guides, tutorials and designs, neatly packaged into a zipped folder structure.

Please refer to the online documentation for the most up to date knowledge.

Appropriate design to empower humans everywhere.

The fabkit was initially designed for the humanitarian and development sector, and it is currently deployed and planned for deployment in various contexts to empower refugees, exploited youth in gold mines and other settings. The community behind the fabkit keeps doing its best to make it as affordable, appropriate and impactful as possible. This makes the fabkit also a great (and affordable) resource to deploy and run fab labs in schools, in innovation spaces, in your neighbourhood, etc.

Have it made for you? Yes we can!

The fabkit is supported by the global fab lab network. The fabkit can be entirely produced, assembled in an (adequately) equipped and interested fab lab. If you are interested, you can also buy the fabkit from the global/distributed network of producers.

Specialists when you need them.

We have fabkit experts for hire to support or complement you when needed, to design, build and/or run your lab,

A distributed global network...

The fabkit is a product supported by the global fab lab network. Knowledge and expertise from the network feeds and shapes the solution. The below use case diagram outlines the actors and "mechanics" involved.

This site is under construction. Check back later for updates. If you are in a hurry send us an email: info@fabkit.org